UPDATE: I’ve used all of your stories to kickstart a new “Your Story” section on the forums

UPDATE: I’ve used all of your stories to kickstart a new “Your Story” section on the forums

When you get back into the gym, you have to hear all those negative voices telling you you’ll never be the same, then swallow them, take a big breath, pick up the bar, and lift the weight anyway…do that over and over until you enjoy it again.

If you guys don’t mind I think I’m going to go ahead and post all your stories in the forums so they’re in a central place…and so you can come back and update them.

such a great story. I cant justify with words how it makes me feel to know that my experience could transcend to yours and have an affect. And I concur with you in Mike’s way of describing its effects and his accuracy. It was so spot on to how I felt.. that gave me my edge.

So we decided to chronicle out progress doing the now popular P90X workout regimen

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Running 50-60k a week? That’s awesome! I’m so jealous. I’ve got IT band problems and haven’t been able to run for months.

At least my inability to run resulted in me trying swimming…which is at least half as enjoyable as running (still not the same though).

Also, your story and your video has reached lots of people. You’re a geek so you’ll appreciate these stats.. *Your video post is the 3rd most popular post on this site (out of like 40)

*The average time spent reading your video post is a respectable 1min. Considering how short the words are in the post, that means most people are watching the video.

You did a lot of good with that. And now it’s immortalized and will only help more and more people forever.

Hey guys, it’s June 4th and it’s been a little overs 5 months. I just wanted to stop by and say that I along with a couple others guys, that both work for themselves as either programming or as internet marketers started a site – We did this b/c for our own reasons (mine being adderall) found ourselves slaving away at the computer with a lack of physical activity… A very sedentary lifestyle. We were sick of it. We are documenting it daily thru video and holding each other accountable as well as motivating each other. This is just another addition to the progress I have been making and I actually want to credit Mike for putting the idea in my head with quittingadderall – b/c from my personal experience in finding this site and listening to others I realize how a blog can reach people and possibly change their lives. Thanks again!

The article and comments above are scarring me…I can relate to EVERYTHING stated. I am also thankful to see the comments about putting trust in God. I am by no means a “Bible Beater”, but I do have a strong faith (at most times) in God. Been on Adderall for 7 years… currently up to 120 mgs a day(yes, abuse)…first day of completely quitting starts tomorrow(7/9/09). I’m all out, so no options or temptations to use it. Have gone 3 days before without in the past, and it was hell. I’m scared what the next 30 days holds…praying and thanking God I found this site. I know it will help.

That alone would make quitting worth it

Your faith and spirituality will be a gigantic help. Not only will it help you trust that your struggle will eventually have a positive outcome, but it will help you feel like you have a companion during a time when you’d otherwise feel pretty alone.


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