Following, Half dozen seemed willing to work alongside your regarding today on

Following, Half dozen seemed willing to work alongside your regarding today on

It absolutely was first considered that Mono is actually another affair having Half dozen, when he given their help, whether or not she rejected to start with. New girl’s trust when you look at the Mono started to develop immediately after the guy saved this lady away from bullies, and accepts their let when he proposes to assist their rating right back on her feet. The latest heroine really appeared to tell you legitimate matter and you can compassion to possess Mono since the she always draws your outside of the sign the guy spends to gain access to new hall. Shortly after he affect frees Slim Kid and you can she drags your regarding once more, after that appears concerned when Mono will not move at first, and you may is at having him ahead of he compares. She including encourages Mono to flee once they find Narrow Guy approach him or her from Television, overlooking her intuition to keep close to him. But not, by the end of online game, whenever Half a dozen caught Mono mid-diving during their getting away from the brand new Black colored Tower, instead of picking him right up, she allows Mono slide and you can makes your having lifeless. Which event may indicate one to Half dozen try just using Mono as the a means to a conclusion, while the she will not display people compassion otherwise nightmare afterward; however, there is certainly one other reason on her behalf betrayal.

Inside her distorted means, Six is very protective off the girl tunes container and you will very first maybe not intense on Mono, which is, up until the guy injuries the lady audio box that have a great mallet and therefore seem to angers her

Up coming, Half a dozen chases Mono and can assault your in the event the the guy will get as well personal, anywhere near the girl sounds container, or if perhaps he phone calls so you can the lady.

In the online game in Nothing Nightmares II, Half a dozen displays savage tendencies after Mono freed their regarding the College or university. This is certainly seen by the Half dozen killing an excellent Bully together uncovered hands, cracking some mannequin hands, appearing no guilt with the Doc and you will as an alternative wanting particular desire of the flames one burns off him, and you will kicking an effective Viewer’s human body. She together with tends to make use of the environment whenever bored. Once the from time to time whenever Mono is not undertaking one thing, Six often often goof around in your neighborhood she’s in the. Half dozen plus appears to display self-awareness on games, appearing you to she herself knows that she actually is maybe not an excellent people.

Despite their noticeable apathy and creature-for example cravings, Half a dozen displays a high level away from intelligence and you may slyness, are smart enough to evade and you will/otherwise cover-up out-of this lady pursuers assisted because of the the lady inferior proportions. She is a fluent puzzle solver. She apparently leaves things at keys she wouldn’t arrive at usually, such as for instance; and you may towards the end away from Nothing Nightmares, incapacitates their playing with an echo, with somehow deduced the fatigue from all smashed mirrors to the girl life style quarters. After killing the girl and taking in this lady energies, however, Half dozen really starts to meet this new game’s title.


Half a dozen, even after the woman ages, is fairly short and you will agile. This woman is a talented climber and will work with for extended periods of time, due to which she seems to getting away from enemies. When it is essential for Half dozen to interact a button you to is simply too highest, or if perhaps she needs to distract the fresh adversary, the brand new woman can decide up any target and toss they with the mandatory force. While the most auto mechanics, Half a dozen uses a much lighter so you’re able to light up locations where are difficult so you can get in the dark. If one can be obtained Six can also be light brand new nearby lantern or candle, which is enough to usually light up an element of the surface.

Six try shown to be alternatively solid within the Little Nightmares II, being able to eliminate good Bully with just her hands, tear off panels where Mono try not able to and you can keep closed large metal doorways that have giants in it, she is and additionally notably faster, easily outrunning Mono when capable as well as have bouncing far further than simply your, but so you’re able to the woman downside, their electricity try even worse than simply their due to the fact she sometimes get sick and you will slow down when running for a long time of time.


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